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Creative Nonfiction

Abstract field of green and purple, with the words: "Your skin painted by the half light..." Read more of "Two Women of a Certain Age" at miniskirtmagazine.com



Flash Fiction 

White background with text in typewriter style font: Storm Clouds. Her dress billowed as she fell, one knee driving pink crepe into the mud, the other bare and wet as the wind twisted the fabric up around her thigh. With words muffled by my double-pane window glass, she was demanding something of the dense night. I let my curtain fall. - Lisa Fabish. Micro-fiction originally published in The Dribble Drabble Review, Spring 2021, Issue #3.

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Headshot, smiling, with turquoise, blue, and purple hair


Finalist in the San Francisco Writers Conference 2021 Writing Contest and co-founder of YaleWomen Writers, Lisa Fabish’s work appears in the Epoch Literary Journal, Miniskirt Magazine, and elsewhere. 

She is delightfully smitten with her girlfriend and her two cats.